4JFBFT 2021 Virtual Conference

Date: March 8-12, 2021 
Virtual Conference

Dr. Valeria Rodionova,  Dr. Katerina Levada, Dr. Abdulkarim Amirov, Dr. Christina Ghritsenko, Alexander Omelyanchik, Valentina Antipova and Valeria Kolesnikova took part in the 4a Jordana Franco-Brasileira Francisco Tourinho (4JFBFT) 2021 Virtual Conference. The event was held from March 8 to 12. During the conference Valeria Rodionova presented the online invited talk «Boosting magnetoelectric effect in polymer-based nanocomposites».

You can find out more information about the conference here.

Invited talk:

Boosting magnetoelectric effect in polymer-based nanocomposites

Alexander Omelyanchik, Valentina Antipova, Christina Gritsenko, Valeria Kolesnikova, Davide Peddis, Kateryna Levada, Abdulkarim Amirov and Valeria Rodionova

Effect of ultrathin shell in CoFe2O4/NiFe2O4 and CoFe2O4/NiO core/shell nanoparticles on magnetic properties nanocomposites

Alexander Omelyanchik, Silvia Villa, Gurvinder Singh, Valeria Rodionova, Fabio Canepa, Davide Peddis