Alexander Omelyanchik – Rome 2018

Nanostructured magnetic materials (nM2-lab), Institute of structure of matter, Rome, Italy

Alexander Omelyanchik, a PhD-student of LNMM visited the laboratory of nanostructured magnetic materials (nM2-lab) of the Institute of structure of matter in Rome (Italy). The nM2-lab research focuses on magnetic materials and includes both an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms and the development of new materials for magnetic recording, energy and magnetic field sensors. In collaboration with the Italian laboratory, the LNMM developed the new nanomaterials and studied their properties. The results of the joint work have already been represented in several publications. The purpose of the internship of Alexander was to continue the joint projects in the interdisciplinary direction dedicated to the synthesis and use of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine. Scientific supervision is carried out by Dr. Valeria Rodionova from the Russian side and Dr. David Peddis from the Italian side.

This visit was supported by the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.