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We are pleased to announce that as a part of the cultural program we are offering to you following tours. All tours are optional. We would like to inform you also that the deadline for the booking of all excursions is 1st of August.

Please, email to Conference Organizers ibcm@lnmm.ru what you would like to book.

Sightseeing Kaliningrad Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Departure: 22 August, 16:00

Kaliningrad city tour is a good chance to get acquainted with the mysteries of this Russian city in Russia. This tour includes a walking program walk (visit through of Kant Island and Fishing Village) and, a tour of historic memorial places sites in the city (such as King’s Gate, Brandenburg Gate, Rossgarten Gate, Don Tower, Wrangel Tower and Crown Prince Barracks) and a visit to the Royal Mountain and the Old Town, as well as familiarity with the current town. Tour will begin, after technical sessions, the day on from “Fabrica” and will bring you back to the dinner at the end of excursion. The trip will be guided in both English and Russian languages.

Route: Victory Square – Christ the Savior Cathedral – Hall of Organ Music – Cathedral (XIV century) and the grave of I. Kant – Museum of the World Ocean: submarine “B-412”, research vessels “Vityaz”, spaceship “Victor Patsaev” – Lithuanian shaft – historical and cultural center “Royal Gates” – Vasilevsky Square – Amber Museum – fortification and defensive structures (late 19th century), “Old Königsberg” – pedestrian walk along the streets of the old city.


per person for group more than 30 people  500 RUR (approx. 10€)
per person for group less than 30 people  750 RUR (approx. 12€)


Visit to the pit amber mine “Yantarny”

Duration: 6 hours

Departure: 20 August, 9:00 or 24 August 14:00

Yantarny (Palmniken) – a pleasant journey through urban district of Yantarny located on the shore of the Baltic Sea in the resort area. of walk around the city, an acquaintance with the settlement of Yantarny, The place where 90% of the world’s amber reserves are concentrated. You There will be a see the visit to mines in which where amber was mined excavated for example mine Anna. According to one version of the famous “Amber flooded in the mine Anna. Visiting to the museum is also included on the go of the combine or viewing platform of the quarry.

Bus excursion to the resort town of Svetlogorsk.

Guided tour (in both English and Russian languages) is also included through history of development of resort city along with travelling of other sightseeing places of interest and relaxing time at sea side.

History of development of the resort city, visiting places of interest and relaxing at sea. The excursion will be guided in both English and Russian languages.

Route: Sightseeing tour on the route Kaliningrad – Svetlogorsk – House of the Museum of the outstanding sculptor Hermann Brachert (Otradnoye settlement) – Organized hall of Svetlogorsk in the restored chapel – a natural arboretum and a pedestrian walk through the center of Svetlogorsk.The excursion will be guided in English and Russian.


per person for group more than 30 people  900 RUR (approx. 15€)
per person for group less than 30 people  1500 RUR (approx. 25€)

Visit to the pit amber mine

Visit to the Curonian Spit

Duration: 6 hours

Departure: 20 August, 9:00 or 24 August 14:00

Excursions to the Curonian Spit – this is the most popular touristic route adventure of for any tourist arriving in Kaliningrad. So, what makes it is this amazing place? The Curonian Spit is a small sandy peninsula located on the southeast coast of the Baltic Sea. Its length is 98 km, and the width varies between 400-3800 meters. Being a phenomenal natural phenomenon, this “scythe-like” landscape attracted the attention of scientists (and tourists) from all over the world. and entered the UNESCO list. Hence in 2000 it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The excursion will be guided in both English and Russian languages.

Route: Sightseeing bus tour along the route: Zelenogradsk – national park “Curonian Spit” – Kaliningrad.

The excursion program: the nature museum of the spit (overview) – BIOSTANTIA (ornithological station, bird ringing station, excursion with a visit) – Chaika lake – Observation platform on the dune Efa – open panorama to the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon – pedestrian Walk along the famous route “Dancing Forest”.


per person for group more than 30 people  1250 RUR (approx. 20€)
per person for group less than 30 people  1500 RUR (approx. 30€)

Curonian Spit

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IBCM2017 News


Dear IBCM 2017 participants!

We would like to kindly remind you, that you can book a hotel room by contacting the organizing committee for getting special discounted price. Accommodation variants can be found on the web page lnmm.ru/ibcm_2017_accommodation/

Hotel accommodation booking with discount will be available until the 15th of June 2017. Due to the fact that August is a hot season in Kaliningrad region for avoiding difficulties with searching a hotel we highly recommend you to book a room in advance.

Best regards,
IBCM Organizers


Dear participants,

We would like to inform you, that you can book excursions provided in our cultural program until August 1, 2017. All excursions are optional. All information is available on our website under the link. Please, email to Conference Organizers ibcm@lnmm.ru what excursions you would like to joint.

Sincerely yours,
IBCM Organizers

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Getting around

Kaliningrad region has a complete public transport network connecting all towns in the region. In Kaliningrad there are two railway stations where you can take a bus or a train to Svetlogorsk.

From the airport 

You can take a direct bus to Svetlogorsk or go to Kaliningrad railway station and take a bus or a local train.

to Svetlogorsk

The road by direct bus (route № 243-Э) will take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Departure time from the airport at 10-25 a.m., 2-25 p.m. and 6-55 p.m.

to Kaliningrad

Or you can take a bus № 244-Э from airport to Kaliningrad railway station (Severny Vokzal). Buses will depart from 8-20 a.m. to 7 p.m. each 40 minutes and from 7-45 p.m. to 10 p.m. each 45 minutes. Duration of the way is about 1 hour.

From the railway stations in Kaliningrad to Svetlogorsk

Kaliningrad has two railway stations (Yuzhny Vokzal and Severny Vokzal). From the railway stations, you can take a bus or a local train to Svetlogorsk.

– Buses depart from Yuzhny Vokzal and make a stop at Severny Vokzal in 10-15 minutes after departure.

Schedule for buses (departure from Yuzhny Vokzal): Route № 118 – from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. each 20 minutes and from 9 p.m. to 10-30 p.m each 30 minutes. Duration of the way is 1h 20 minutes.

– The way by local train will take one hour. Schedule for local trains:

Departure from the Yuzhniy Vokzal 6.25 7.43 10.15 11.10 12.40 14.05
Departure from the Severny Vokzal 6.32 7.49 10.23 11.18 12.48 14.13

From the railway stations Svetlogorsk-1 and Svetlogorsk-2 to location


  1. Hotel Russ
  2. Pansionat Baltika


Taxis in Kaliningrad may be ordered by phone or picked up at authorized taxi stands. Taxis must usually be paid by cash though some accept credit cards.  In the airport, there are official taxis that stand close to the exit and a car can be ordered there. Telephones can be found here or you can order a taxi via the website or mobile application (android, ios).

Average price is 800 P (13 euro) per car. From the airport the road will take 1 hour, from Kaliningrad city the road will take 1 – 2 hours.

If you want to take a taxi, we recommend to use the taxi Europe (telephone +7 (4012) 500-600). Using the official airport or recommended taxi allows to get a stamped receipt (if necessary).


If you have any troubles, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our contacts can be found here.

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee

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