International Conference on Fine Particles Magnetism 2019

Date: May 26-31, 2019
Gijon, Spain

Invited talk:

Control of magneto-static and -dynamic properties by stress tuning in Fe-Si-B amorphous microwires

Irina Baraban, Larisa Panina, Mikhail Vereshchagin, Sergey Leble, Valeria Rodionova


Magnetocrystalline and surface anisotropy in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles dispersed in silica matrix

Alexander Omelyanchik, María Salvador, Carla Cannas, Dino Fiorani, Anna Musinu, Montserrat Rivas, Valeria Rodionova, Gaspare Varvaro, Davide Peddis

Research directions of the LNMM through the eyes of women