18-21 October, 2018

 Prof. Dr. Goran Karapetrov from Drexel University visited LNMM

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15 October, 2018

Kateryna Levada was started the internship in University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany

LNMM’s member Dr. Kateryna Levada was started the internship with scientific project entitled: «Magnetic nanoparticles as diagnostic approach of the gut barrier and gut-liver communication». Kateryna is working in research group of Dr. Yulia A. Nevzorova from Clinic of Gastroenterology, Metabolic Diseases and Internal Medicine Intensive Care (Medical Clinic III) in University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany. Project was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) in the framework of Michael Lomonosov program (Line B).


8-9 October, 2018

Meeting of the Members of the Russian chapter of the IEEE Magnetic Society

Laboratory of novel magnetic materials organized meeting of the Members of the Russian chapter of the IEEE Magnetic Society. The President of IEEE Magnetic Society, Prof. Manuel Vazquez, the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, Spain, and the Head of the Russian chapter of the IEEE Magnetic Society, Prof. Nikolay Perov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, took part at this event. Moreover, in the framework of this Meeting one of the lectures was presented by a special guest – distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Magnetic Society – Alison Flatau, University of Maryland, USA. During the meeting, everyone was informed about the possibilities of the IEEE Magnetic Society. We thank the Russian Academic Excellence Project «5-100» at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and IEEE Magnetic Society for financial support of this event.


4 October, 2018

Project of LMNN was approved

According to the results of the competition for the best research projects conducted by leading youth teams with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR_results), a project of laboratory of magnetic nanomaterials “Complex research of the magnetoelectric effect in in the developed and created triplee-component elastomers for their application for use as active biological interfaces” number 18-32-20219 under the leadership of Rodionova Valeria was approved. Our congratulations!


17-30 September, 2018

Prof. Dr. Montserrat Rivaz from Gijón Polytechnic School visited LNMM

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14 September, 2018

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award in Russia is the award for women who have contributed to scientific progress. This year Valeria Rodionova is one of 10 Laureates. Our congratulations!


14 September, 2018 

8th International Conference: “Nanomaterials: Application & Properties”

From 8 to 14 of September 2018 members of Laboratory of novel magnetic materials have been taken part in 8th International Conference: “Nanomaterials: Application & Properties”, Zatoka, Ukraine. Irina Baraban, Christina Gritsenko and Alex Omelyanchik had won the students grants from IEEE Magnetic Society for this Conference. Dr. Valeria Rodionova had invited talk titled “Nano- and Microwire  Based  Architectures  for  Practical  Applications.”. Alex Omelyanchik has awarded Best Poster Award with poster “Magnetic  Interactions  in  Powder  and  Pressed  α-Iron  Nanoparticles”  and had received money prize from IEEE.

Whole team thank  5 top 100 project in framework Russian Academic Excellence Project at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


7 September, 2018

 Joint European Symposium on Magnetism

From 3 to 7 of September 2018 members of Laboratory of novel magnetic materials have been participating in Joint European Symposium on Magnetism Mainz, Germany. Karim Amirov presented his oral talk, other guys had presented their poster presentations. For all of us this huge scientific event was very interesting to learn new trends in magnetism. Also new collaborations were established and the old ones were strengthened. Whole team thank 5 top 100 project in framework Russian Academic Excellence Project at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.


13-18 August, 2018

Prof. Larissa Panina from National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» visited LNMM

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7 August, 2018

Ph.D. Chemistry Elena A. Rozhkova, scientist from Argonne National Laboratory visited LNMM

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7 August, 2018

Stanislav`s Birthday

LNMM congratulates a member of our lab Stanislav Pshenichnikov with his birthday!Stanislav is the PhD student in the lab that working great in biological and physics science.
Dear Stanislav we wish you success and inspiration in your experiments!

27 July, 2018

Mark`s Birthday

Our sincere congratulation to Mark Nosan with Happy Birthday! Keep working on brilliant ideas you have! We wish you a sea of time and an ocean of energy!

16 July, 2018

Youth grant of Russian Science Foundation

Our project «Development and creation of technological bases for the design of magnetoelectric smart composites for controlled release of drugs” (№ 18-79-10176) by a leadership of Dr. Karim Amirov was supported by Russian Science Foundation in the framework of program “Research by scientific groups under the leadership of young scientists”!

22 May, 2018 

Professor Mitsuteru Inoue gave a lecture as Distinguished Lecturer of  IEEE magnetic society

Prof. M. Inoue from Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi, Japan) visited LNMM and gave lecture “Phase interference in artificial magnetic gratings: theory and application in optical, high-frequency and spin-wave devices». The results of his theoretical studies and description of working prototypes were demonstrated.  This year Prof. M. Inoue are going to give more then 130 lectures all around the world and we are the 31st in this list.

The joint research topics and some interest problems for collaboration with LNMM team also were discussed.  It is our honor and pleasure to host high level scientist in Kaliningrad!

21 May, 2018

LNMM congratulates a new member of our lab with her birthday!
Elena is the first chemist in the lab and we are sure that together we will go beyond the habitual science and we will achieve new successes at the contact of physics and chemistry.

18 May, 2018

“YOUscience” ceremony

At the ceremony “YOUscience” of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Christina Gritsenko and Mark Nosan (1st year Master students) were awarded in nomination “For published scientific articles”,  Head of our lab – Dr. Valeria Rodionova got diploma in category “Scientific advisor”.


10 April, 2018

On 10th of April there was an International scientific conference of students and young scientists “Lomonosov-2018” at Lomonosov Moscow State Univercity. And one of our bachelor student Kolesnikova Valeria introduced her first report about the effect of temperature at large plastic deformation on the magnetic properties of amorphous iron-based alloys.
Congratulations to Valerie on the first successful scientific speech!

20 March, 2018

The research projects «Multicaloric effect in magnetoelectric composites based on La-Fe-Si and Fe-Rh» (№ 18-32-01036) of  Dr. Karim Amirov and «Investigation of the interrelation between the magnetic interaction of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in exchange-coupled multifunctional nanocomposites with different types of magnetic ordering of the ferroelectric components» (№18-32-01016) of  PhD student Alexander Omelyanchik were supported from Russian Foundation for Basic Research. We congratulate Karim and Alexander, wish successful realization of research projects.

1 February, 2018

Two of our PhD students, Mr. Sobolev Kirill and Mrs. Irina Baraban, passed a large-scale competitive selection and finally were accepted to participate in the 2018 IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School which will be held in June 2018 in Quito, Ecuador. IEEE Magnetics Society will reimburse them all the expenses, such as transport and accommodation costs, meals. Kirill and Irina will attend lectures, given by the worldwide known researchers of magnetism. This lectures will cover all the most fascinating topics of today’s magnetism: nanoscale magnetism, spintronics, magnetic recording, functional magnetic materials synthesis and applications. Also our students will present their own scientific results on the poster sessions and discuss them with the international team of researchers.
The detailed information about the Summer School can be found here.
We’d like to congratulate Kirill and Irina with their acceptance and wish them good luck!

 18 December, 2017

The research projects of LNMM’s members Dr. Karim Amirov and Dr.rer.nat. Katerina Levada were supported in the framework of Michael Lomonosov program, Line B  for doctoral candidates and young researchers from 15.09.2018 till 15.12.2018,  which funding by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD).

We congratulate the Karim and Katerina, wish successful research and internship in Germany.

28 November, 2017

Lecture of Dr. Mikhaylo Paukov

Dr. Mikhaylo Paukov, research scientist at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague gave a lecture for LNMM’s members, PhD and Master students. The lecture with title «Structure and magnetic properties of doped UH3 -based hydrides» was devoted to the study UH3 -based hydrides –advanced materials for other energetic applications. The results of his research in hydrides, new methodic and techniques were presented.

27 November, 2017

Dr. Ivan Starkov gave a lecture for LNMM

The scientist of Nanotechnology Centre of Saint Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dr. Ivan Starkov gave a lecture for LNMM’s members, PhD and Master students. The lecture “Multicaloric effect: new aspects” was devoted to review and discussion of aspects of one of the new trend in energy efficient technologies – possibility of application of couple caloric effects in solid-state cooling. The results of his theoretical studies and multicaloric model for refrigeration cycles also were presented. The joint research topics and some interest problems for collaboration with LNMM team also were discussed.

20 November, 2017

Alexander Omelyanchik won the students grant for participation in 1st Conference on Nanomaterials Applied to Life Science NALS2017 for the upcoming conference in Gijón, Spain on 12-15th December. He will present the poster presentation “Evolution of magnetic properties of manganese oxide nanoparticles during dissolution”.

NALS 2017logomagsoc2012

27 October – 11 November, 2017

Ekaterina Levada and Alexander Omelyanchik visited the Biomedical Nanomaterials Laboratory leaded by Prof. Alexander Majouga. This group consists of chemists and biologists working in the field of synthesis and application of magnetic nanoparticles. In the frame of RSF-project, the first experiments with using microwires acting on biological cells with magnetic nanoparticles were performed.

23-27 October, 2017

Three LNMM-members visited the conference “Magnetic nanomaterials for biomedicine: synthesis, properties, application” in Zvenigorod near Moscow. They presented three reports – one oral and two posters. Alexander Omelyanchik took the 3rd place among oral presentations. Since the conference was highly specialized in the investigation of magnetic nanoparticles, we discovered a lot of new information and productively communicated with a colleague working on the same topic.

22 October, 2017

Natasha’s B-day

Dear Natasha, LNMM gives you all the best wishes! Let your new scientific work become the great pleasure, we wish you to achieve success in your researches, make some incredible investigations and become a worldwide known physicist! Also we wish you to be happy, travel the world, see the new places, get the new pleasant experiences and let the good mood be there for you every single day!
Happy birthday!

4 October, 2017

Special Issue “Magnetic Properties of Multifunctional/Heterostructure Materials: Research Trends for Technological Applications (BMMDI).” of Advances in Condensed Matter Physics will be published in July of 2018. The Call for Papers for this Special Issue has now been posted on the journal’s website.

Lead Guest Editor

  • Jose Vargas, National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Bariloche, Argentina

Guest Editors

  • Arkady Zhukov, UPV/ EHU, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Daniel Lottis, Western Digital, San Jose, USA
  • Bogdan F. Valcu, Western Digital Media, San Jose, USA
  • Valeria Rodionova, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, Russia

26 September, 2017

Ariel Lenarciak – PhD student from Gdansk University of Technology – visited our Laboratory of Novel magnetic materials in framework of Erasmus+ program in July-Summer 2017. He works in the field of magnetic glasses under supervision of Prof. R. Barczyński in Poland. In our Laboratory he tried to find new effects in his samples and investigated its magnet striction coefficient, magnetocaloric properties and thermal properties by differential scanning calorimetry.
Irina Baraban – PhD student from LNMM FunMagMa IKBFU – took part at the same program Erasmus+ and spent time in Gdansk University of Technology in Spring 2017. She worked in the group of Prof. R. Barczyński. Irina learned how to create magnetic glasses, investigate their electrical and structural properties and tried to find magnetostriction behavior in these samples with ferromagnetic inclusions.

10-15 September, 2017

Valeria and Vladimir took part at the 2017 IEEE 7th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties (Zatoka, Odesa region, Ukraine) between 10th and 15th of September.  At this conference Valeria gave her first plenary talk entitled “Magnetic microwires: from fabrication and properties to practical applications” (this is an important step for every scientist!), while Vladimir received the award for the best poster (this is also important!). Organization, lectures, weather – everything was perfect.  NAP-2017 was very interesting and productive.
Thanks to FunMagMa for this opportunity and support!
Proceedings of Conference can be found here:

6-9 September, 2017

Phase transitions, critical and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter physics

In the period of September 6-9, the members of LNMM team visited the conference “Phase transitions, critical and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter physics” in Institute of Physics Dagestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Science (Makhachkala). We presented four posters and one invited report. Financial support was partially from FunMagMa-project for Valeria Rodionova. Irina Baraban and Alexander Omelyanchik thank the Russian Science Foundation (project №17-12-01569). Dagestan is one of the most amazing regions of the Russian Federation with a unique culture and history, so this conference was interesting both from a scientific and social points of view. We are grateful to our colleagues for organizing high-level event.

26 August, 2017

 Christina`s Birthday

Dear Christina, With all lnmm heart we wish you great happiness! Let all your scientific ideas came true. We wish you big success in all your internships and conferences!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-03 at 14.23.47

24 August, 2017

International Baltic Conference on Magnetism 2017

We did it! IBCM 2017 organized by LNMM with financial support of FunMagMa (5-100 project) and RFBR was held in Svetlogorsk, Aug 20-24 2017. Dear colleques and friends, thank you for coming and thank you for wonderful and productive sessions! See you in 2 years!

Read more (in Russian):

23 August, 2017

Alexander`s Birthday

Dear Alex, lnmm, all your collaborators and scientific friends wish you all the best! Thank you for so nice banquet collected us all together! Happy birthday!


27 July, 2017

Mark`s Birthday

Dear Mark, lnmm wish you many happy days! Let all your dreams, hopes and expectations come true in all your dealings in your new year. We wish you always to have cheerful mood to write manuscripts, good health to travel a lot and present your results at conferences, strength to resist difficulties and patience to do exellent cv, big success to reach awards!


1-5 July, 2017

Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism

From 1 to 5 of July 2017 all members of Laboratory of novel magnetic materials have been participating in Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM). There head of group Dr. Valeria Rodionova presented her invited talk, other guys had presented their poster presentations. For all of us this huge scientific event was very interesting to learn new tendents in magnetism. Also new collaborations were established and the old ones were strengthened.



10 June, 2017

FunMagMa Excursion

On the 10th of June 2017 all members of LNMM took part in FunMagMa Excursion. This activity took place in the hotel of Lesnoy village at Curonian spit. During the meeting a lot of ideas were discussed and a lot of fun was got 🙂

27 June, 2017

Victor Happy Birthday!

Dear Viktor, on your birthday, I wish you abundant scientific discovery and achievements. May all your ideas become a reality. But even more than that, may it bring you honors, grants and awards! Have an amazing birthday!


1 June, 2017

On the 1st of June 2017 LNMM celebrated one more birthday and met its 4th year in full force.


Also this day coincided with the first successful defense of the thesis in Lomonosov Moscow State University by Ksenia Chichay. The topic of thesis was «Dynamics of motion of the domain wall in structures with cylindrical symmetry, controlled by magnetoelastic interaction». We are very happy for her and wish further success in sphere of science!


12 April, 2017

“YOUscience” ceremony

 At the ceremony “YOUscience” of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Alyona Litvinova( 2nd year magistracy student) and Mark Nosan (4th year bachelor student) were awarded in the following nominations:

– The winners of all-Russian and international scientific competitions and olympiads of 2016;
– The authors of the best published scientific articles.

Valeria Rodionova awarded the participants in the nomination “postgraduate student of the  Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, defended in 2016 candidate’s thesis in time”. It turned out there were only few students there 🙂


12 April, 2017

Irina`s Birthday

Happy birthday to the person who has both scientific and organizing senses in lnmm world. Lnmm hope your birthday scientific wishes come true!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-03 at 14.50.35

7 April, 2017

Conference announcement

“Phase transitions, critical and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter physics”

In the period of September 6-9, 2017 Institute of Physics Dagestan Scientific Center of RAS will hold a conference “Phase transitions, critical and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter physics”, devoted to the 60th anniversary of the institute.

Conference topics:

– Phase transitions and critical phenomena in condensed matter;
– Simulation of phase transitions and critical phenomena;
– Magnetic phase transitions;
– Critical phenomena in liquids;
– Nonlinear phenomena and chaos in condensed matter;
– Structural transitions in carbon based materials;
– Wave processes in the vicinity of phase transitions;
– Mathematical modelling


30 March – 7 April, 2017

Irina Baraban spent in Spain, in the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid in Prof. Vazquez’s group. During this internship Irina investigated partially covered microwires and their local properties via Kerr magnetometer and frequencies properties (FMR) via Network Analyzer. Fe-based partially covered microwires with different composition of the shell were synthesized and studied. As a result of these works a patent with title “Microactuator based on bimagnetic coated core/shell microwires with asymmetric external shell and the use of it” was applied (№EP17382418).

30 March, 2017

Grant of Russian Science Foundationlogo-russian-science-foundation

Our project “Physics fundamentals for the creation of electromagnetic actuators based on microwires №17-12-01569” by a leadership of Dr. Valeria Rodionova was supported by Russian Science Foundation.

16 March, 2017

Dr. Karim Amirov visited LNMM

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 22 February, 2017

Defender of the Fatherland Day

Today LNMM and our guests Prof. Perov, Dr. Karpenkov, Prof. Rogalev celebrate defender of the fatherland day. Lnmm-girls: “We are grateful to our men for their permanent support and wish them new achievements!”

Defender of the Fatherland Day

20-22 February, 2017

Dr. Andrei Rogalev visited LNMM

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6-10 February, 2017

Dr. Davide Peddis, Dr. Sara Laureti and Dr. Gaspare Varvaro visited LNMM

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 7-9 February, 2017

Advanced Nanomagnetism Workshop

LNMM team organized with FunMagMa center financial support and take part at Advanced Nanomagnetism Workshop. Our Bachelor students demonstrated their deep knowledge and high level in Scientific debate.

Advanced Nanomagnetism Workshop

 15 January, 2017cnr_instisutu_di_struttura_della_materia

Internship in Rome

1st-year PhD-student of LNMM Alexander Omelyanchik got a support of  FunMagMa center for internship in Institute of Matter Structure of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, Italy). Where he will training in an advanced method of synthesis and a method of investigation of magnetic properties of nanoparticles by supervision of Dr. Davide Peddis.

 11 January, 2017minobr

New grant of Ministry of Education and Science

Our laboratory gets support from the ministry Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of government assignment №3.4168.2017/ПЧ for 3 years. Name of a project is “Trapping, pinning and injecting of domain wall in wire with cylindrical symmetry with diameters from submicron to few microns and control of domain wall propagation dynamics”.

27 December, 2016

Happy new year!

LNMM celebrated the upcoming 2017 year. We wish in these 356 days our family will achieve greater heights and strenghen already reached ones.
 happy new 2017 year

27 December, 2016

Preliminary defense of PhD-thesises

Sergey Shevyrtalov, Ksenia Chichay and Viktor Belyaev successfully passed the preliminary defense of their PhD-thesises at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of Institute of Physics and Mathematics and Information Technologies. We wish you brilliante defense!
Sergey Shevyrtalov, Ksenia Chichay and Viktor Belyaev

23 December, 2016

Ksenia`s Birthday

Dear Ksenia, on your birthday, we would like to take some time and think about all the wonderful times we have had ll together at lnmm. We are thankful for all the things that we have done as team and we look forward to making many more memories with you. We wish you brilliant PhD defence!

21 December, 2016

First-year bachelor students of LNMM

LNMM PhD students found very good pupils. We are proud to introduce you our excellent first-year bachelor students: Pavel Lanin, Yaroslava Tumina, Ivan Siotko and ! We congratulate you with excellent passed exam on Introduction in speciality and we are looking forward to continue scientific work with you. Thank you for wonderful and unbelievable cake!

8-11 November, 2016

Alexander Omelyanchik took part in XIV Kurchatov Youth Scientific School when he presented the oral talk entitled: “Investigation of magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles”. During this time Alexander learned more about fundamental physics where he presented his results as oral talk

 3 November, 2016

Lectures of Prof. Kohn and first Scientific Colloquium

LNMM took part at first Scientific Colloquium of IKBFU. The first lecture of this world-level scientific event was given by Prof. Kohn from National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”. The lecture attracted not only interested in X-ray phase contrast imaging scientists but a lot of students because the method of x-ray phase contrast is widely used in material science, biology, medicine, technologies for a nondestructive study of inner structure of objects. Day before Prof. Kohn gave one more interesting lecture entitled “Theory of X-Ray Compound Refractive Lenses”.

Prof. V. Kohn
Prof. Victor Kohn
Home page:
Research profile:
Kurchatov InstituteKurchatov Institute

 15 October, 2016

The best poster presentation at IWSN-2016

Ksenia Chichay has won the first prize award for her poster presentation at IWSN-2016.

“I am happy that the international committee judged my presentation so high! This school, organized by Prof. Anatoly Snigirev and X-ray Coherent Optics Laboratory, was full of interesting discussions and brought new ideas for my research”, – Ksenia Chichay.


14 October, 2016

FunMagMa Logo

Sergey Shevyrtalov has got Best FunMagMa Logo Award! Our congratulations! We expect from him new achievements in design! Thank Sergey for finding the time to create both in physics and in the design art!


12-16 October, 2016

International Joint School

“Smart Nanomaterials and X-ray Optics 2016: Modeling, Synthesis and Diagnostics”

School chaired by Prof. Anatoly Snigirev and Prof. Alexander Soldatov are held at Fabrika from Oct, 12 till Oct, 15. Lnmm takes part in this event with one oral and 5 poster presentations:

October, 2016

Individual grants of FunMagMa center

PhD-students of LNMM Irina Baraban and Alexander Omelyanchik won individual grants of FunMagMa center for a research work. The goal of Irina’s research from October 1 to December 21 is a study of novel multiferroid structures based on piezoelectric polymers, FeSiB-based microwires and ribbons. The main task of Alexander in the dates from 16 November until 10 December is a design of current magnetic tweezers for biological objects and preliminary experiment of influence magnetic field created by a current in a wire on cells dynamics.

Our most sincere congratulations to the winners!

24 September – 1 October, 2016

Master-student of LNMM Alexander Omelyanchik has passed the training in managing the SQUID setup during the internship in Resource Centre Electrophysical methods, NRC Kurchatov Institute (Moscow, Russia) under the supervision of Dr. Andrey Emelyanov and Dr. Alexander Inushkin.

29 September, 2016

Prof. Andrey V. Petoukhov

LNMM attended the lecture given by Prof. Andrey V. Petoukhov. We learn more about ESRF and colloids. Victor Belyaev has got the prize for participation in dialog and for correct and quick answers asked by the lecturer. Prof. Petoukhov gave us the wonderful example how to learn not only physics but the Chinese language, too =) Lecture was very informative, rich and well-remembered!
Prof. Andrey V. Petoukhov

16 September, 2016

FunMagMa project

Under the umbrella of FunMagMa members of LNMM got two scholarships, four research grants and one postdoc position. All of us are very grateful to be pioneers of such rapid developing strategic initiative that provides a lot of possibilities for realization of our thoughts and ideas!


7 September, 2016

 Birthday of Sergey Shevyrtalov

LNMM congratulates Sergey on his birthday! Sergey is perfectionist and designer of our team both in scientific and art life! We wish him even more creative and scientific achievements.

Sergey Shevyrtalov BD

 5 September, 2016

Irina Baraban visited MSU

Irina Baraban is at Lomonosov MSU now and she sends us smile (see photo below) and regards from Moscow:

“This autumn I am spending in Moscow in MSU. I visit many lectures with the students of the Magnetism Department of Physics Faculty. This internship gives me a real chance to get a lot of knowledges for passing my PhD exam in physics next year. I want to thank FunMagMa, steering committee and 5-100 program in our University for this opportunity to learn more, to research more and, as a result, to contribute more in science of IKBFU”, – Irina Baraban.

baraban in moscow

1 September, 2016

 Valeria Rodionova’s Birthday

LNMM celebrated the Valeria Rodionova’s Birthday. We wish her good luck and success and excellent scientific results! More over, we are glad that 5-100 program has already started to work: first PostDoc of IKBFU in the framework of strategic initiative FunMagMa – Dr. Oksana Koplak – has joint us.


1 September, 2016

Introduction lecture

Oldest LNMM PhD students gave an introduction lecture to 1sy year bachelor students 2016. Viktor Belyaev, Sergey Shevyrtalov and Ksenia Chichay explained why they choose scientific career and how they achieved their good results in science.

introduction lecture

26-28 August, 2016

Christina Happy Birthday!

Dear Christina, Happy birthday and we wish you all the best! We were glad to spend three days all together and share with you Your Day on Baltic shore!
Christina BD 2016

 23 August, 2016

Alexander Happy Birthday!

It was LNMM pleasure to share Happy-Birsday-table with Alexander, who is our talented, creative, interesting and interested collegue. We wish you, Alexander, all the best during your scientific career!


18 July, 2016

Liudmila Makarova visited LNMM

  read more

4 July, 2016

Joint workshops with the Chemical Department

Series of joint workshops with the participators from the Chemical Department of Institute of Chemistry & Byology and LNMM STP “Factory” was held from May till July 2016. Meetings included seminars and labtours. Two groups from IKBFU found the ways of possible collaborations. Our collaboration can lead to cooperative work – ranging from tuning magnetic properties of microwires to the preparation and study of nanoparticles – and, obviously, will be useful for all parties.

Chemical Department of Institute of Chemistry & Byology and LNMM

10-15 July, 2016

IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School 2016

Снимок экрана 2017-01-19 в 12.45.31Last year Victor Belyaev got the support from IEEE Magnetic Society and attended IEEE Summer School 2016 in Tohoku (Japan) from 10th to 15th of July. The Summer School was devoted to problems in different spheres of modern physics like nanomagnetism, magnetic materials in biology, magnetic recording, modeling and simulations.
During the summer school Victor presented poster “Magnetoplasmonic crystals for sensor applications”.

IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School 750x150

 3 July, 2016

Victor Belyaev got the mol_a grant support

Viktor_mol_aFor 2016-2017 years Victor Belyaev, as a leader of the scientific project, has the support from Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) for project entitled «Investigation of the dependences of magnetic, optical and magneto-optical properties of magnetoplasmonic crystals on parameters of their functional layers in wide spectral and temperature ranges and development of theoretical model connecting magnetic and magneto-optical properties for designing a sensor of external magnetic field». The main aim of this type RFBR grants is attracting young scientists into independent fundamental research and developing their leadership skills in research teams.

All works are planned to be done in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia), Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) and Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia).

1 July, 2016

Five members of LNMM got the support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research


The members of LNMM, Alexander Omelyanchik, Irina Baraban, Sergey Shevyrtalov, Victor Belyaev and Christina Gritsenko, have got the support for short term grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). These grants are dedicated for performing researches by Russian young scientists in different universities of Russian Federation under the supervision of doctors and PhD.

The project of Christina Gritsenko is dedicated to investigation of the exchange bias phenomenon and is called “Investigation of the structure and morphology of the surface layers of bilayered and trilayered thin films made of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials in order to identify the mechanisms for enhancement of the exchange bias effect.” This work involves the investigation of thin films based on FeNi, FeMn and IrMn by methods of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Transmission electron microscopy (TEM). All researches will be held under the supervision of Gorshenkov Mikhail Vladimirovich, – PhD from The National University of Science and Technology, MISiS (Moscow, Russia).

Irina Baraban have got the grant support for project that is called “Manufacturing and investigation of multiferroic composite structures based on a piezoelectric polymer and magnetostrictive layers with different shape, size and composition”. The main task of the project is to fabricate a new multiferroic structures based on polymers with magnetic microwires and amorphous ribbons with high magnetostrictive constant and to investigate the magnetistrictive properties and ME-effect. This project will be held under the supervisoin of PhD Leonid Fetisov from Moscow Technological University using the unique equipment of the Scientific Educational Center MIREA (Moscow, Russia).

The project that was won by Sergey Shevyrtalov is called “Investigation of mechanical stress influence from the substrate and layer thickness effect on 1st and 2nd order phase transitions parameters in Ni-Mn-Ga thin films with Ga excess”. This work will be held with Dr. Dmitry Karpenkov as a scientific supervisor from MISiS (Moscow, Russia).

Alexander Omelyanchik under the supervision of PhD Alexander Inyushkin from NRC «Kurchatov Institute» (Moscow, Russia) have got the support for project “Investigation of the dependence of magnetic properties of the suspension based on iron oxide nanoparticles on the pH-level”.

Victor Belyaev have got the support from RFBR for a short term project called «Investigation of local magnetic characteristics and micromagnetic properties of magnetoplasmonic crystals» under the supervision of PhD Alexander Samardak from Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia). This project is dedicated to investigation of magneto-optical properties and domain structures using nanoMOKE, Kerr-microscope and MFM.

27 June, 2016

Welcome to the Darkside or Victor’s Happy Birthday!

27/06/2016 was Victor’s Birthday and LNMM wants to wish to Victor excellent defense this year, more smiles and good flights with his new drone.

Victor’s Happy Birthday

23 June, 2016

 Dr. Elena Golubeva and Dr. Olga Parenago visited LNMM

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 24 June, 2016

Last exam

Our congratulations to the best of the best LNMM last year PhD students!!!! All of them EXCELLENT passed their last exam!

LNMM wishes you productive summer!
Last exam

7 June, 2016

 Happy Birthday of Vladimir

The 7th of June is the birthday of LNMM member Vladimir Rodionov. Today he heard many good congratulations and received a lot of presents. All colleagues and our group wish to Vladimir strong health and good luck during all his life.

Vladimir Rodionov

 1 June, 2016

Happy birthday, LNMM!

We are three years old! We feel like we are an organism: we work together, we help each other, we proud each other, we support each other! Let’s spend many years keeping these feelings!

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21 May, 2016

All members of LNMM came together to discuss the results and share impressions of resent internships, conferences and other scientific events. The communication has been accompanied by a tea-party with a lot of sweets, brought from the trips.


11 May, 2016

ZING Conference

It was wonderful experience to take part at the “Bionanomaterials” ZING conference in Varna.

“I was very excited to receive the invitation to present an Invited talk at this important scientific event. Scientists from different areas (biology, physics, and chemistry) joined together to discuss latest scientific achievements and to formulate new interdisciplinary challenges. Very focused and intensive ZING conference is a field to meet a lot of interesting people, to share recent results with colleagues. I’m waiting for novel excellent results through extended cooperation with scientist from different fields”, – Valeria Rodionova.

6th Zing Bionanomaterials Conference 2016
May 8-11, 2016 / Varna, Bulgaria

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18-22 April, 2016

Italian School on Magnetism

Three members of LNMM visted and presented posters at Italian School on Magnetism, that was held in Milan (Italia).

220px-Logo_Università_degli_Studi_di_MilanoItalian School on Magnetism 2016

April 18-22, 2016 / Università degli studi di Milano, Milan, Italy

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19 April, 2016

 Alexander Kamantsev and Alexey Mashirov visited LNMM

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14-15 April, 2016

Startup Tour 2016

StartUp Tour 2016

The intramural stage of the StartUp Tour 2016 was held in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad on the 14th and 15th of April. The goal of the tour was finding innovative and promising solutions and development of competencies of young startup teams in implementing their projects in sphere of high technologies.
Members of the LNMM also took part in this event and presented ideas in four different directions:
– Biological and medical technologies
– Biotechnology in agriculture and industry
– Industrial technologies and materials
– Energy and energy-efficient technologies
All presentations were discussed by the experts with high interest and classified as useful and perspective ideas. Experts asked a lot of questions that gave a possibility to look at the presented work from a different point of view and gave a lot of advices for improving the marketing strategy and development of a detailed plan for the fabrication of prototypes and their promotion on the market.
All members of LNMM were invited to the next tour in the StartUp Village which will take place in Skolkovo at the 2nd and 3rd of June.
StartUp tour 2016

1 april, 2016

We have website! We are looking to seeing here our friends and collegues!