Valeria Kolesnikova – Gijón 2018

Gijón Polytechnic School, Gijón , Spain

This July our bachelor student Kolesnikova Valeria had her first scientific trip to the Dept. of Physics, the University of Oviedo, Gijón Polytechnic School in Spain in the laboratory which researches magnetic materials with a focus on bio-applications of magnetic nanoparticles, bio-sensing, and FORC-analysis. Under the leadership of the head of the laboratory Dr. Montserrat Rivaz, she improved knowledge in induction diagnostic for microwires and did a lot of measurements. This internship was possible because of supporting the Project 5-100 in IK BFU 

Valeria shared her feelings: 

” This internship is a huge opportunity for me to study a lot of new interesting information about inductive magnetic measurements and also meeting cool Spanish researchers. Thanks, Project 5-100 and LNMM IK BFU for this opportunity!”